Investment Management


We believe a good portfolio and investment plan involves three unique steps.

  1. Fund selection

  2. Asset allocation

  3. Monitoring and rebalancing

Below you will find a summary of these three steps.


In cooperation with our 22-person research team at our home office, we have created a 5-step process to select what we consider superior mutual funds.

   1. Screen universe – We start by screening all open-ended mutual funds for more than 50 selected criteria.

   2. Quantitative analysis – From that list we identify 5 funds in each of our 20 asset styles to further analyze by their risk-adjusted results.

   3. Fundamental analysis – We then schedule conference calls with fund managers and analysts to discuss the funds.

   4. Product review – We review our findings with our research team mentioned about.

   5. Ongoing monitoring – We repeat this process on a quarterly basis.



Asset allocation and the models
Harvest Wealth Management Model Portfolios are based on state-of-the-art asset allocation concepts and Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory in an effort to provide solid, long-term risk-adjusted returns for investors across the risk/return spectrum. The framework includes 20 diversified models, which, in turn, can be mapped to the investment objectives outlined in your Investment Policy Statement.

Monitoring and rebalancing

Portfolios must be rebalanced when market conditions are volatile. At Harvest Wealth Management, we monitor your portfolios and are notified if any of your holdings are more than two percent out of the intended allocation. When this occurs, we automatically rebalance your portfolio back to its intended allocation. By doing this, we are constantly selling high and buying low.

Investment research 

Commonwealth’s Investment Research team is comprised of experts with CFA® and CFP® designations, as well as master’s degrees. Each analyst focuses on one or two specific asset classes so the investment committee as a whole can determine recommended mutual funds and allocation models. This group not only works with outside professional money managers to help ensure that we can provide you, our clients, with solid, competitive options, but it also offers its own professional money management program.

What’s more, Commonwealth has contracted with the elite providers in outside investment research, which gives us access to up-to-the-minute data on the universe of mutual funds, separately managed accounts, annuities, exchange-traded funds, equities, and select alternative investments. We will always have our finger on the pulse of financial markets and products.